“And of the Turks 1/3 shall be baptized…”



From the book “Pilgrim Testimonies, Saint Paisios the Agioritis, 1924-1994”, N. Zournatzoglou, editions of Agiotokos Cappadocia.


“Then I asked him about the constant intransigence and challenges of the Turks. He grabbed me by the shoulder and very seriously replied: “Don’t worry, son, I’m getting ready to sleep and I won’t be here, but I’ll be watching from above, because here we are all temporarily. Turkey will be torn into 3-4 pieces.


The countdown has already begun. We will take our own territory, the Armenians theirs and the Kurds theirs. The Kurdish issue is already under way. This will be done, not now, but soon, when this generation that governs Turkey ceases and takes on a new generation of politicians.


Then there will be the dismemberment of Turkey. Very soon, prayers made beneath the earth’s surface will be made upon the earth and candles lit below will be lit up. (The Elder was referring to the Greek crypto-Christians of Turkey). You’ll see them, son. Faith and hope in God existance and many will rejoice.

All this will happen over the years. The time has come.”


I also asked him if Greece would get hurt. He replied that there would be some problems, but that would be insignificant. And many people who are currently indifferent will return to the field of Orthodoxy. “Don’t worry about Greece,” he said. Leaving his cell, he said to us again:


“Go to the blessing of the Virgin Mary and don’t worry. Cyprus will be liberated in the years we are walking and Turkey will be dismembered. All countries have their problems, but there is no problem for us. Hope to God and faith,” he said. The excerpts are from the book testimonies of pilgrims Elder Paisios the Agioritis 1924-1994 , Volume 1, page: 297.


He had also said, as stated in the book testimonies of pilgrims, second edition, that: “You should not be sad and afraid of Turkey. Turkey will be dissolved and, indeed, the allies themselves will dissolve it.”

According to the prophecies of Saint Cosmas the Aetolian and Saint Paisios Agioritis, when Hellenic armies march again into Asia Minor for the reconquest of Constantinople, Ionia, and Pontus, 1/3 of the Turks shall be killed, 1/3 shall be baptized Orthodox Christians, and 1/3 shall flee as far as the Red Apple Tree.