Speech in Metamorphosis Tou Sotiros – Agios Loukas Iatros

“O Do you believe that I, in the father and father in such a state? Verbs a I crow, from my own tongue. And the father in his own hands is the one who is manipulating the works. Believe that I, in the father and father, are in my heart. I do not believe in these works “(Ioan. 14, 10-11).



Great and countless were the wonders of our Lord Jesus Christ: with only one reason he resurrected the daughter of Jaeiros, Archisynagwgou, the son of the widow of Naan, even Lazarus, who was in the tomb four whole days. With one word he only attacked the winds and waves of the Gensarette Lake and became absolute serenity. With five breads and two fish feast five thousand people, with no women and children, and four loaves four thousand.

Let us remember that every day he cured the patients, curing all kinds of disease, dirty spirits from the sin people . How he gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf with only one touch. Isn’t that enough?

But all this was not enough for the people who envy him, for the people for whom the great prophet Isaiah said:
«Hearing hear and the usual, and seers, and not see. It was Hagar the heart of the people, and they were heavy, and the eyes of them were poured out, and they were in the eye and in the heart, and they were heard and the Hearts were returned, and I was to be with them “(Matth. 13, 14-15).
In all this, which was not enough for the hard of hearing people and with the blindfold, our Lord Jesus Christ added the great miracle of his metamorfwsews to Mount Tabor. To him, who shone with a dazzling divine light, appeared the Prophets of the Old Testament, Moses and Elijah and worshiped the creator of the law. With fear and terror they saw this wondrous spectacle the chosen Apostles Petros, Iakovos and John. And after the Nephele, who covered them, the voice of God was heard:

“This is my beloved son, I am pleased. It is heard “(Matth. 17, 5).

The Holy Apostles preached to the whole world, that our Lord Jesus Christ is “verily, the father’s clearing”.

The whole world, when he heard it, should kneel before the Lord Jesus Christ and Worship the true son of God.

The appearance in the Tabor of the two most great prophets of the Old Testament and the veneration of the Lord Jesus Christ in his transformation, to close forever the abominable lips of the secretaries and the Pharisees, who hated the Lord Jesus and the They considered the offender of the Law of Moses. But so far the Jews do not believe that he is the Messiah.

Not only do the Jews believe him, but for many Christians more and more he dazzes the Divine light of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even smaller becomes the small flock of Christ for which the Divine light of Christ shines with the same power as the which they shone in the Apostles Peter, James and John then in Mount Tabor.

But do not despair, because our Lord Jesus Christ said:

“Do not fear the small poimnion. That Eydokisen the father of ye give unto the Kingdom “(Lk. 12, 32).

Infidelity among the peoples took alarming proportions and the light of Christ was overshadowed by the dark cloud of atheism. Today more often than ever we remember the dreadful word of Christ:

“Except the son of man comer so that he could raise the world?” (Lk. 18, 8).

Not to despair, however, because he, saying of the signs of his second presence, said:

“The addition are anakypsate and you are in the head, because the dismissal of you” (Lk. 21, 28).

So be your life such that on the dreadful day of judgement we can lift our heads and not bend it deeply desperate. Amen.


Metemorphotheis in the mountain o The Lord, Jesus Christ, Deixas your disciples your glory, as it was possible. Shining and imine sinners, your light is aidion, Presbeiais of the Virgin. Photadora, Glory to thee.

«The Ossios Philotheos of Paros
The ascetic and missionary (1884-1980)»
Issue 2. -May 2001. Thes/Niki
Publication: Orthodox beehive