“The concept of time, an Orthodox theoresis”

It is customary for people to celebrate the end of time and the beginning of the next and to make various festivities.

All this is beneficial, because in the life of man it is good to have these manifestations, so that there is no monotony in today’s life.

However, we, as members of the church, must see things right in the spirit of our church and see how the church accepts and hires this event of time.

We should, of course, see things through human logic only if we saw our lives in the margins of this world and of this century, when we spend a year to be sad, because every year that is spent is processed upon us the mystery of our decay and our death, since we are mortal beings and our time is limited.

So when we waste time then for us this event should not be so cheerful, but a sad fact.

But in the church there is something paradoxical. As Christ said “I am the beginning and the end, the A and the Omega”, that is the same person who came and he who will come, so in the church we celebrate the passage of time and at the same time celebrate the advent of new time. Even within the simple liturgical frameworks of our church, as in the sequence of Vespers, when the sun sets we gather in the temple and praise and thank God by telling the greatness of God and how God created the world from scratch with so much wisdom and magnificence for man. And at the same time we thank for the sunset, we praise God as well, because we accept the sunrise of the new day, since we now celebrate the beginning of the next. With vespers troparion “O Gladsome Light of the holy glory of the Immortal Father, heavenly, holy, blessed Jesus Christ. Now we have come to the setting of the sun and behold the light of evening. We praise God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For it is right at all times to worship Thee with voices of praise, O Son of God and Giver of Life, therefore all the world glorifies Thee”,the people of the Church experience not only the mere time-west of the day, but at the same time we see and we expect and experience the presence of the light of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in our lives. The church does not allow us to live this depression of the loss of one day, since at the same time it gives us the consolation of the presence of the light of the Holy Trinity.

All the life of our church is a simultaneous presence of two opposites seemingly things. Where one dies finds resurrection and life, where it lacks wealth, where enforced finds a more long rest, where he fasting finds the greatest pleasure, where he falls for Christ becomes rich, where there is the Christ the Darkness becomes light and heaven hell. We can like our lives in this world as a journey. Says a saint “know that in this world you are a passer-by, a passerby and not a citizen” and knowing that you are not permanent in this world, then you will be able to understand how you will exploit the events of this world.

These are not for us to get depressed, this fact that evolves into mental illness, but it begins many times by spiritual causes, that everything around us seems black, everything around us smells like death and they look as if they have no meaning. And this seems strongly to young people, who do not enjoy anything and expect nothing.

The reality of the modern world is sad. From everywhere we are bombarded with news which is depressing and this has a bad effect on our psychology, even subconsciously, and nurtures our fear of our course in the time of the world. Of course we find a way to forget and deceive ourselves, but in the depths of our hearts it is not easy to penetrate and change the facts. We still know that we walk towards the end and the end is for all of us something terrible. But for the ecclesia the end is not terrible at all, but it is extremely cheerful and optimistic, because at the end of time it is Christ himself. And when we travel through this time with the varying storms we see at the end of time and our time, but the whole of the world Christ himself, then he receives the end for us a great benefit and joy.

When no one at the end of the year sees chaos, but our Lord then everything is transformed. And it is very important that the Church sees its course in time just as a pleasant journey, which is dangerous and complex, but with a view in the end, receives great optimism, since no obstacle is possible to us Stop. In the symbol of faith we say “expect resurrection of the dead” we do not say I believe in the resurrection of the dead, but we expect it with longing, because it is a fact highly optimistic and pleasing, that is the presence of Christ in the world is the end of history. This means that it does not abolish the church or annihilate man, but it completes us, because the presence of Christ at the very beginning of time constitutes for the Church the origin of the eternal Kingdom of God in this world.

When we do the mysteries of the church we begin by blessing the Kingdom of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Automatically as if we are in another spiritual space, in a new acquisition, where everything ceases. As we say in the cherubic hymn “Passing Bioticene we are Merimnan”, because we are before the Holy Trinity and we depict the cherubs and the Seraphim and the heavenly forces and in the space where the church is expressed which is the most mysterious Of the Eucharist: there cannot enter anything since everything is abolished and time and space and circumstances are annihilated and only the presence of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit remains.

A novice monk at the time of the spiritual struggles drowned him the calculus, mainly in the mental sphere, that is, his soul accepted the drowning of demonic insults and thus life in the monastery seemed depressing, difficult and there was no way out, since Everything was dark in front of him, his psychic disposition was in a spiritual darkness, and in this darkness he was trying to pray and find a way. That was the Vespers sequence. As he desperately struggled in this sea of meditations and uttered the wish, then God gave him an expert through divine grace. Then listening to the priest start the Vespers by saying “Blessed be the god of the divine always present and in the centuries,” then this phrase for him was a revelation because through the divine Grace man savates the experience of eternity. He understood through experience that man in relation to God and blessing God extends unto the ages, becomes inexperienced and he as God.

And every phrase he says, every act that makes and only his attitude and his stay in this spiritual space extends to the centuries, because he appeals to God. So he came out of the dark atmosphere that was in a spiritual light and realized that the boundaries of his existence are equal to the boundaries of God’s existence by grace. An optimism seized his soul because he understood the sense of winning time.

The church is not defeated by the events of this world and is not afraid of what is happening, not because it has a secular power, since it must not be based on being identified with secular power since it must be drawn in The imitation of Jesus Christ. Therefore he does not want the cosmic imagination, but he wants this presence of the fact of Christ in her. This is what makes the church invincible because it marches through Christ’s path and through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

So we, living in the church, grow, move, perfect and come a time when our mother church gives birth to a divine birth and delivers us to the hands of the King Christ. Because people for fathers are carnal wisdom, passions and sins, so the people of the Church are not people, even if they live in it, they are the people for whom Christ was left. Therefore because we are children of God, and of the church, we have to say things as they are and we are penniless when we believe that we will live here forever.

Of course the church does not sink us into despair, but it takes us further than we are before. It teaches us that we are not meant for this world, but there is another of whom we are citizens. It is a scam to be fooled by the nice things we see around us and to forget that there is something more beautiful and meaningful than the beautiful of this world. Because if we stay in this earthly world, we close ourselves to a spiritual death, and if we go out of the bounds of the present then we can breathe the oxygen of God’s Heavenly Kingdom.

Christ sent us His word to a modern saint, Saint Silouanos: “Keep your mind on Hades and do not despair” This is the word of God, especially today. So keep yourself in Hades, do not fear Hades, leave yourself there because that is the limit, it is the ultimate limit of loss, of the abyss. But hold only one rope, do not despair, have your hope in Christ. So our course, our life, the toil in our lives with the sorrows gets strengthened by the word of God. And the passage of time, the passage of days, the ending of our life and our time and the beginning of the other time is charged only with hope to God. “Do not despair, but have your hope in me” means, do not fear because I defeated time and with time I defeated and the circumstances of time, I defeated and the events of time and everything that has been in this time “because all this is non-resident.

Everything is annihilated when man comes to the realm of God’s Eternal kingdom. The Saints lived and live this experience and know that to follow Christ means this martyrdom through the cross, and death in the present world and not in imaginary worlds and then in their share eternally now, in Resurrection of Christ.

(Archbishop of Lemesos, Athanasios)
(voice transcript)

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