Saint Siluanos the Athonite: I shed many tears…

…with the thought that if we monks who have renounced the world are not saved, then what is happening in the rest of the people who live in the world? Thus gradually my sorrow grew, and I began to shed tears of gratitude. and behold, last year while I was in this despair, exhausted from crying, lying on the ground, the Lord appeared and asked me: Why are you mourning like this…? I kept silent, not being able to look at the One who appeared… don’t you know that I will judge the world?… I kept silent again, remaining prone… the Lord tells me: I will have mercy on every person who invoked God even once in his life…. Then the thought came to me: Then, why do we suffer like this every day?
the Lord in this movement of thought answered me: Those who suffer for my command, in the Kingdom of Heaven will be my friends, while the others I will only have mercy on, and the Lord disappeared.

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