May 29, 1453: The Fall of Constantinople

They took Constantinople, they took her. “Keep silent, Mother of God, don’t cry and don’t shed a tear, again for years and times, Constantinople will be ours again”.

The king wept, the people also wept and shouted: “Let us die for the faith of Christ and for our country!” They hugged and forgave. Then they went to Hagia Sophia. The world, stricken with fear, had filled it and the arches echoed with lamentation. The women were crying softly, the children were shouting and everyone was shaking like reeds. What heart wouldn’t break! “Whether you are a man of wood or of stone, do not be sad.”
he deacons were saying the Peace in front of the Holy Door, but the noise did not allow their voices to be heard. When the chanters began, the Social “In the memorial for ever, hallelujah, you are righteous,” the king, dressed in his tattered clothes, tearful, withered, with beard and hair uncombed like a baripoinite, went to the altar, and fell on his knees before the images of Christ and the Virgin Mary with sighs, muttering: “They circled the life with confusion as bees around a candle, Virgin, and my heart was seized by the arrows of sorrows.”
And when the Patriarch came out with the cup, he went and partook and then he turned to the people and said: “Christians, forgive my sins, and may God forgive yours!” And the people shouted with one voice: “Forgiven!” Inside the Agios Vima, the Patriarch, bowing over the honest gifts, commemorated: “Remember, Lord, the city, the parish, and every city and country, and the believers who live in them. Remember, Lord, the floating, the wayfaring, the sick, the burning, the captives. Remember, Lord, the remembered of the penitents, and on all of us your mercies are sent.”

Fotis Kontoglou

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