Christ is Risen. A fact…

On Easter of the year 1935, during the abbotship of Archimandrite Seraphim in the holy Monastery of Saint Paul, all the fathers, who numbered 60 at the time, had gone out into the courtyard to perform the Resurrection service. Inside the atmosphere cheerful and enthusiastic. After Christ is Risen, the Abbot says to one of the most simple and faithful old men, old Thomas. Old Thomas, go down to the sacristy, where the bones of the fathers are, tell them Christ is Risen. May it be blessed Abbot – said old Thomas and without thinking about where he is going, with two or three jumps he is in front of the ossuary. The Abbot sent me to tell you Christ is Risen, fathers and brothers. Christ is Risen cried aloud.
Then something shocking happened. The bones creaked, bounced, a skull rose a meter and answered the greeting of the old man – Thomas. Truly the Lord is Risen. And then there was deathly silence. The old man returned and told what he had seen and heard. The fathers that time celebrated a unique Easter. With double praise to the Risen Lord and leader of life. They chanted excitedly. Angels praise Your Resurrection, Christ Savior, in the heavens, and let us on earth glorify You with a pure heart. This fact was told to us by the late gerondas Theodosios, who served as the last librarian of the Monastery.

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