Wishes for the New Year

Dear, you’ll look good all year, though on the first of the year and every day you do what God likes. Because the day becomes bad or good not by its own nature, since it is not different from the other, but from our own diligence or rathymia.

If you do virtue, it’s a good day for you. If you do sin, it becomes evil and full of hell. If you go deeper into them and you have those moods, you’ll have a good year doing prayers, handouts every day. But if you neglect your personal virtue and trust the euphoria of your soul at the beginning of the months and in the numbers of days, you will be deserted by all your goods.

The Christian should not only celebrate months, neither first months nor Sundays, but throughout his life have the feast he should have. And what celebration should he have? Let us hear Paul say; “So we celebrate not in dough old, not in dough of wickedness and cunning, but in a mixture of honesty and truth” (A’ Ko. 5, 8).

So when you have a clear conscience, you always have a feast; you feed on good hopes and wade into the expectation of future goods; Like, when you don’t have a lot of sins and you’ve fallen into a lot of sins, even if it’s a million celebrations and feasts, you won’t be in a better position than those who mourn. Because what benefit do I get from the glorious day when my soul is darkened by consciousness?

So if you want to make a profit from the first month, do this. When you see that time has passed, thank the Lord for putting you through this period of years. Create a curse in your heart, re-account for the time of your life, tell yourself; The days run and pass, the years are filled, much of the way we have moved on. I wonder what good we did? Do we leave here empty and stripped of all virtues? The court is close, our lives are running towards old age.

(Io. Chrysostomou, Word in The Candies, PG 48, 955-956)

Source: https://alopsis.gr/%ce%b3%ce%b9%ce%b1-%ce%bc%ce%b9%ce%b1-%ce%ba%ce%b1%ce%bb%ce%ae-%cf%87%cf%81%ce%bf%ce%bd%ce%b9%ce%ac-%ce%b1%ce%b3-%ce%b9%cf%89%ce%ac%ce%bd%ce%bd%ce%b7%cf%82-%cf%87%cf%81%cf%85%cf%83%cf%8c%cf%83%cf%84/

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